You have talent, you share our values, join us!

At Access Teleservices, we consider that each candidate is important: they write a CV, apply, come to us, trust us… in return we owe them.

  • A call within 2 hours of your application, an appointment the same day (or at d + 1 if you are not available): your time is precious.
  • Personalized advice on your application, strengths and areas of focus: we are also here to guide you.
  • An immediate answer following your interview: whether your application is positive or negative, you have the right to know!
  • A detailed presentation of our projects, our remuneration but also our rules: because at Access we only like good surprises

We believe that the success of our projects depends on the success of our employees and that there is no success without passion, without well-being… So at every moment, for each person, we make sure that we are: LISTENING

  • We take into account your background and expectations to find the most suitable project that allows you to develop your skills: it is on this one that you will be able to develop yourself.


  • We think about the planning that allows you to reconcile your professional and personal life: because it is important.


  • We are attentive to the working atmosphere and your environment, if you feel good, you will give the best of yourself.

Our responsibility is to ensure that everyone can develop their potential and find their place. You have the right to have ambitions, dreams of success, and support to make them come true. We consider it our duty to ACCOMPANY you

  • During your integration, and even after you have made your mark: our trainers and managers will be there to help you.


  • the salary levels, bonus systems and additional remuneration we offer are motivating and progressive, to make you want to stay for a long time.


  • 96% of our management comes from internal promotion: the most determined have evolved in 2 weeks… We offer concrete and fast development prospects.



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