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Your expectations:

By outsourcing the execution of your customer satisfaction surveys.

By gathering the opinions of your customers in a neutral and objective way and by having barometric study reports that are real decision-making tools.

By showing your customers that their opinion or satisfaction is crucial for your brand

By relying on a specialized team that can assist you at each step: panel, questionnaire creation, analysis and analysis, synthesis report, return of reports to your partners or auditors…)

Whatever the purpose of your study: tight deadlines are set for audits, management reviews, communication or marketing events, project design, etc. In terms of deadlines, we are committed.

Whether we work in the marketing field or in opinion gathering, our job consists of:

  • to find the right data (construction of relevant panels and questionnaires),
  • to collect it with the best attitude: in an appropriate and neutral way
    and to analyze it objectively,
  • in order to give you pragmatic and relevant advice that is a real decision-making aid.

For more than 15 years, the Access Teleservices group has been working in Morocco and Europe on multilingual research and survey services.

Sectors and areas of intervention

  • Radio
  • Insurance, brokerage, provident insurance
  • Financial income
  • Training
  • Press and Publishing
  • Medical sector

Business lines

  • Medical research,
  • Music / radio research,
  • Customer satisfaction survey (certified companies)
  • Image study
  • Notoriety study
  • Survey of opinions
  • Mystery calls