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Your expectations:

Outsourcing collection allows you, of course, to increase the sums collected, the recurrence and the value of donations but also to have reliable budget forecasts that give you the possibility to plan your actions in an optimal way.

Be able to rely on fair, relevant pricing models designed to allow you to invest the funds collected mainly in your humanitarian actions.

By outsourcing your collection activity, you benefit from the infrastructures that allow you at all times to ensure the satisfaction of your donors, the quality of the messages that are conveyed, the compliance of calls and contacts with regulatory, legal and legal requirements. All promises are listened to, confirmed before being validated.

The call campaigns we carry out represent on average (based on a team of 6 people) 10,000 interviews per month through which we present your association, your actions, your achievements. And it also helps to make you known!

You benefit from a completely tailor-made service: “à la carte”. Depending on your expectations, our teams can help you create materials (arguments, donor files, letters, tax receipts, website) and methods (design of an efficient and personalized collection model).

Dedicate yourself to the humanitarian actions that are close to your heart, we will do the rest!
Access Téléservices has set up a Fundraising division that has been operating for more than 10 years in the field of donor relations for various charitable associations in France, Switzerland and Morocco.
Our objective is not only to provide the associations we support with “operational” employees, but also real ambassadors who share the same passion and convictions for the causes they support.
Because it is on this basis that they will be able to convey the best messages.
Our managerial teams, highly experienced in fundraising, will be able to provide you with advice and creative support at all stages of your project’s implementation.

Sectors and areas of intervention

Associations :

  • of childcare,
  • in the fight against poverty,
  • integration assistance,
  • support for access to care,
  • to help marginalized people….

Business lines

  • Donor recruitment
  • PNC restart
  • Donor service reception
  • Loyalty (automatic sampling)
  • Multi-channel relationship management (mail, chat, mail)